Monitoring, Collecting and Analyzing Anonymous Internet Web Browsing Traffic.

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Proxy.PS Service

We analyze your mobile applications, visited websites and browsing habbits.


Our data collection and analysis algorithms rely only on cross-platform standardized codes and techniques only. As long as your device has an active internet connection, we're there.


Our data storage and processing servers are located at world's busiest internet exchange points and data center facilities. Our services will never cause a delay or lag; Ever.


We currently monitor and analyze anonymous usage data from over a hundred worldwide and local social networks. We believe you also deserve to be a part of the next social study.


Our data is stored in encrypted SQL databases on Redundant cloud nodes. We use different encryption Ciphers at different levels and truncate all data daily.


All collected data is anonymous and can in NO WAY lead back to it's individual originator. We can know how many people eat vanilla ice-cream at 4 PM in Paris, but not who?


We do not show any texts, banners, popups, forms to fill or any other junx pixels on your app's interface. We do the job transparently with zero user interference.

About Us

The most important thing to us is building products people love., is part of the Splash Technologies, Inc. market research and development community, a leading global-market research startup that studies, analyzes and reports on Internet trends and behavior. conducts research by collecting Anonymous Internet browsing and usage data then uses that data to help show how people use the Internet, what they like about it, and what they don’t. We do social studies and researches that reach you mostly in the form of an Infograph. collects data through web tagging. Participating websites agree to deploy a special code throughout theirs resulting in our data collection routine to initialize. Please remember always that NO personally identifiable information is ever transmitted by, or linked to any web tags used by is a Palestinian Startup powered by Cisco® and caffeine. Your donations keep us running and are always welcome.


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Our Location

Haddadeen Street, Al-Kharouf Building Office #14, Tulkarm, West-Bank, Palestine

Email & Phone

[email protected]

+970 (92) 68.25.45

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